Marco Moretti






Victory Munitions Blue Shift's materials controller

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Jumping Tracks

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Victory Munitions and Lorna Corbett

NOTE: This article is written from an in-world perspective.

MARCO MORETTI  is Blue Shift's materials controller, responsible for the raw materials coming into the factory, and the export of every finished bomb. He gained his experience from his family's fireworks factory, and now supports his mother, sister and nieces as the sole breadwinner — his father's been locked away in an internment camp alongside hundreds of other Italian immigrants.

He has found that since the war, he's seen as a potential enemy, which is why he's unable to enlist. Before the war, he and Lorna would have never met — spaghetti is still a foreign food — but at the factory, their fiery rapport that starts with a clash, shifts into a growing attraction. He is played by Antonio Cupo.

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