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Victory Munitions worker (blue shift)

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Jumping Tracks

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Betty McRae, Gladys Witham, Leon Riley, Victory Munitions

NOTE: This article is written from an in-world perspective.

Kate Andrews is a worker for Victory Munitions' munitions factory. She is on the run from her abusive street-preaching father Vernon Rowley. Her birth name is Marion Rowley. She is played by Charlotte Hegele.



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Betty McRaeEdit

Betty McRae is Kate's best friend and love interest. They live across the hall from each other at the rooming house. Kate admires Betty for her independence.

Gladys WithamEdit

Gladys Witham is another close friend of Kate's. They started at Victory Munitions on the same day.

Leon RileyEdit

Leon Riley is an African-Canadian man who works in the store room at Victory Munitions. He sings and plays the saxophone in a jump blues band. He saves Kate from an attempted sexual assault by Donald. He is initially reluctant to talk with Kate, but the two eventually bond over music, with Kate persuading him to let her perform with his band. Leon initially addresses Kate as "Miss Andrews" but later nicknames her "Church Mouse."

Lorna CorbettEdit

Lorna Corbett is the floor matron for Blue Shift. She suspects that Kate may not be who she says she is.

Vernon RowleyEdit

Pastor Vernon Rowley is Kate's father. He physically and emotionally abused her for reasons that may relate to her sexuality. She regards him as an intelligent and godly man, quoting him twice in the first season. Kate has a nightmare (implied to be a flashback) about her father trying to drown her in a bathtub.

Ingrid RowleyEdit

Ingrid was the one who insisted that Kate should leave their family to try and make a life for herself. She helped Kate buy false identity papers, but was unable to purchase a fake security clearance for Kate because it was too costly. At some point prior to Kate running away, Ingrid gave Kate a locket engraved with the words "To Marion, With Love."

Seymour RowleyEdit

Seymour is Kate's younger brother and the middle Rowley child, presumably in his mid to late teens. He appears to have taken Vernon's religious dogma to heart, shouting for his father when he discovers Kate trying to escape the family and screaming, "You're gonna burn, sister!" as Kate runs away. Kate is ostensibly still fond of him, as she alludes to missing, and being concerned for, both her younger brothers.

Gabriel RowleyEdit

Gabriel is around 10-13 years old. He is seen only briefly, at the beginning of Jumping Tracks, swaying to the hymn his family is singing.

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