James Dunn
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U.S Soilder

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Engaged to Gladys Witham

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Gladys Witham

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Jumping Tracks

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NOTE: This article is written from an in-world perspective.

James Dunn is is smart, attractive, monied, and poised to take the world by storm. He's a decent man, one whose wealth and refinement haven't resulted in snobbery. Still, having been largely sheltered from the world's harsh truths, he's woefully innocent about matters of the heart — and the body.  He is played by Sebastian Pigott .


James is a wealthy American citizen who is engaged to Gladys Witham. In the begining of season one he has an affair with Hazel Macdougall which results in him catching an STI. After the reasons of the affair are revealed (James gaining enough romantic experience) the two make up. James later decides to join the army due to Gladys' influence.

In 'Where There's Smoke' he shares a quick conversation with Gladys, where she almost informs him of her affair with Gene. Anticipating something of the sort, James tells Gladys he wants to keep the conversation positive, and ends it by telling Gladys he loves her. 

In the final scene of the episode, Lorna brings Gladys a letter from the army, which states that James had been killed in battle. Gladys is heartbroken. 


Decent and calm. Usually supportive of Gladys' more adventurous nature. 


Gladys WithamEdit

While he is drawn to Gladys (his fiance, with her free-wheeling spirit and is usually patient with her intensity), her exuberance often threatens to overwhelm him.

Hazel MacdougallEdit

Red shift factory worker that James had been having a sexual affair with in Season 1. When confronted with this by Gladys, he states it was so that he could be more experienced (meaning sexually) before they got married. 

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