Gladys Witham
Power dressing with gladys witham
Gladys in the dress she wore to her engagement party






Victory Munitions worker (blue shift) (formerly) Victory Munitions worker (green line) (formerly) Canadian Security Intelligence Service spy

Realtionship Status

Engaged to James Dunn (formerly); Dated Clifford Perry (formerly); Dating Jacob Berman

Affiliated with

Kate Andrews, Betty McRae, Victory Munitions

First appearance

Jumping Tracks

Last appearance


NOTE: This article is written from an in-world perspective.

Gladys Witham is the daughter of a wealthy Rosedale family who defies convention to work on the floor at Victory Munitions. She is played by Jodi Anne Balfour.



Gladys is spirited, impulsive and headstrong.


James DunnEdit

James was Gladys' wealthy American fiance. He was a Harvard graduate. He was killed while fighting in the war, as of "Where There's Smoke".

Betty McRaeEdit

Betty is Gladys' co-worker at Victory Munitions. Gladys admires her, comparing Betty to Joan of Arc. They initially have a contentious relationship, but gradually become close friends. Gladys gives Betty the affectionate nickname of "Betts."

Kate AndrewsEdit

Kate is Gladys' co-worker at Victory Munitions. Kate is perhaps the most accepting and accomodating of Gladys out of anyone on Blue Shift. Gladys describes Kate as having "something special."

Carol DemersEdit

Carol is Gladys' childhood best friend. Gladys appointed Carol as maid of honour for her wedding. She helps Gladys keep her job on the floor a secret from her parents.

Lorna CorbettEdit

Ep6 Pic11

Lorna comforts Gladys.

Lorna is the floor matron for Blue Shift. At first wary of Gladys and determined to have her fired,  Lorna has warmed up to Gladys, to the point where she comforted her when Gladys was informed of James' death (Where There's Smoke).

Eugene CorbettEdit

The son of Lorna and Bob, Gladys was drawn to his impulsive nature and charm. They had a short lived affair, but is presumed to be over after her mother finds out and that James has passed away.

Rollie WithamEdit

Rollie is Gladys' father. He views her as attention-seeking and flighty.

Adele WithamEdit

Adele is Gladys' mother. They clash over issues of social convention.

Lewis PineEdit

Lewis is a Canadian private Gladys meets during her first shift at Victory Munitions. He proposes marriage to Gladys, unaware that she is already engaged to James.

Hazel MacdougallEdit

Hazel is another worker at Victory Munitions, who Gladys discovers has been having an affair with James.

Laurence WithamEdit

Gladys' older brother Laurence passed away in a car crash about two years prior to the start of the series.

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